Just as I put my key into the car, I see that something is written on my rear window.
I take off my sunglasses, read it and smile

I have never thought such things really do happen.. but obviously they do, and here it is, a word written on my rear window as proof.
I keep smiling as I start the engine and take off.. on the way I send 2 messages, one to my lover and another to my friend and tell them what has happened, I get a sympathy message, and an angry one cursing the one who wrote the word.
But I still can't why they had those reactions.
All I give is a smile nothing less or more, just a stupid genuine smile..
The person who has written the word surely had something in mind, maybe I choose not to see it or just choose to see but ignore it. But either way, my reaction to it does not give way to anger or fear.
At first I don't want to remove it, for it does not bother me.. But then I don't want it to bother any of my parents.. so I eventually wash it off.

That word -to me- is neither an insult or a compliment, it says nothing short of something I really am. As though someone has told me I was tall, or that I had hair..